Agnes Penda-The Other Side of Me!

Malkia Afrika put together an amazing series of ,”The Other Side of  Me”. Our First guest was Agnes Penda, a journalist with KTN.

We were at the gorgeous Karen Country Lodge for the shoot, a very serene and beautiful location.

TOSOM -Agnes 3-1.jpg

TOSOM -Agnes 8-1

TOSOM -Agnes 6-1.jpg

The shoot was held at the Boutique cottages, a beauty to bestow.

TOSOM -Agnes 13-1.jpg

TOSOM 63-1.jpg

TOSOM -Agnes 21-1.jpg

The Interior looked amazing. we loved the decor and colors.

TOSOM 56-1.jpg

TOSOM 57-1.jpg

TOSOM 54-1


The day started with some hair styling by Jackie Opiyo and Eunice Njambi from La Beautex Unisex Salon in Lavington.

TOSOM 64-1





TOSOM 66-1.jpg
Eunice from La Beautex Unisex Salon

Later on Sonia Mwathi from Malkia Afrika started her magic making sure Agnes’ make up was on point

TOSOM 72-1
Sonia Mwathi of Malkia Afrika

After her make up was done, she was looking like the super star she is and was ready for some shots before letting us into the other side of her.TOSOM 81-1.jpg

Molly Mungai was the stylist for the shoot and she also did an incredible job. Agnes’ outfits were also lovely complementing the whole look. Outfits were provided by VIVO

TOSOM 77-1.jpg

TOSOM 76-1.jpg

Enjoy the Rest of the Photos as we look forward to the second episode of The Other Side of Me.

TOSOM 84-1.jpg

TOSOM 87-1


TOSOM 88-1.jpg

TOSOM 89-1



Her Jewelry was provided by Bizzy Lizzy

TOSOM -Agnes 30-1.jpg

Agnes shoot 32-1.jpg



TOSOM -Agnes 34-1.jpg



TOSOM -Agnes 51-1.jpg

TOSOM -Agnes 50-1.jpg


Find out the other side of Agnes Penda on the video below by NXT LVL Imagery

Agnes Penda -The Other Side of Me Video




Every bride is beautiful. It’s like newborn babies or puppies. They can’t help it.” ― Emme Rollins


Model: Kui Kimenyi

Make Up Artist: Sonia Mwathi                                  Gown: Blessed Boutique
Malkia Africa

Videographer: Joash Okore                                         Jewelry: Model’s own
NxT LvL Imagery

Photography: Njeri Mbure
NjeReeM Photography

Malkia Bridal shoot 1-1.jpg

There is nothing as amazing as a wedding day. On this day love is celebrated and two are joined together to live happily ever after. This day more so, for brides is huge because before walking down the aisle you have to make sure that a lot goes into work in making sure as a bride, you look gorgeous, your dress, your make up and one other thing a great photographer and videographer to make sure those memories are captured and done well.

Malkia Bridal shoot 3-1.jpg

For this bridal shoot we teamed up with Malkia Africa, a make up company and NxT LvL Imagery a multimedia company.

Malkia Bridal shoot 5-1.jpg

One of the first things to do at a bridal preparation shoot is capturing the nitty gritties i.e the accessories, for our bride Kui, we had an engagement ring, some earings with a matching neck piece.

Malkia Bridal shoot 8-1Malkia Bridal shoot 7-1



The dress and the shoes are also part of what makes up her outfit and thus you should capture them as well.

Malkia Bridal shoot 6-1.jpg


Sonia Mwathi who apart from being a great friend is really good at what she does, leads Malkia Africa and did an amazing job on our model Kui and made the shoot fun and exciting throughout the steps.

Malkia Bridal shoot 18-1.jpg

Kui before the make up began…

Malkia Bridal shoot 15-1.jpg

And Sonia’s amazing work continued…

Malkia Bridal shoot 22-1

Finally our bride was done and alas!!! she did look stunning to say the least….

Malkia Bridal shoot -35-1Malkia Bridal shoot -33-1

We had to wait a few mins as she also absorbed how lovely she looked…

Malkia Bridal shoot -37-1

A prayer goes a long way…Malkia Bridal shoot -36-1

Finallly yaaaay!! It was time to go out into the sunshine and enjoy the day ahead…But before leaving the room…a few more shots

Malkia Bridal shoot -41-1Malkia Bridal shoot -39-1

Kui has a great personality which made our shoot so much easier

Malkia Bridal shoot -44-1Malkia Bridal shoot -43-1

Joash Okore is the brain behind NxT LvL Music and NxT LvL Imagery. Joash is very talented and happens to be my photography mentor, in this shoot he worked on the behind the scenes video and as a director.We always work together for weddings so be sure to check out his website and IG- @nxtlvlimagery and on Facebook- NxT LvL Imagery

Enjoy the rest of the pics and hit the subscribe button.

Feel free to contact us for a wonderful wedding day with no dissapointments.

Malkia Bridal shoot -64-1Malkia Bridal shoot -65-1Malkia Bridal shoot -66-1Malkia Bridal shoot -67-1Malkia Bridal shoot -68-1

Malkia Bridal shoot -62-1Malkia Bridal shoot -61-1Malkia Bridal shoot -69-1Malkia Bridal shoot -59-1Malkia Bridal shoot -58-1Malkia Bridal shoot -54-1Malkia Bridal shoot -53-1Malkia Bridal shoot -52-1Malkia Bridal shoot -51-1Malkia Bridal shoot -50-1Malkia Bridal shoot -49-1Malkia Bridal shoot -47-1Malkia Bridal shoot -45-1

Live, Love and Light



It Takes a Village…Baby Bump Shoot the Family Way

Photographer: Morgan Ngumbi

Assistant photographer and Director: Njeri Mbure

Location: Green Park and Sundowner Hotel

“The moment a child is born,
the mother is also born.
She never existed before.
The woman existed, but the mother, never.
A mother is something absolutely new.”


Audrey and Robinson have been our long time family friends and one thing I have to say is that Audrey is so so beautiful he he Robbie please don’t floss. They been great friends and it was an honor to have us do their baby bump shoot as we patiently wait for baby to get here.


Audrey wanted to have her family there because indeed it does take a village to raise a child.It was nice to have everyone who will be involved in raising the child there to celebrate and share this wonderful journey of parents to be.


Sonia from Malkia Africa did such a lovely job on the make up.


They are a beautiful God fearing couple and the glow could tell of their joy to be parents.


Audrey’s besties, Linda and Shelmith were here too and they looked so lovely.a21.jpg

a23.jpg It doesn’t get any better than this, surrounded by the awesome men in your life. Audrey was very blessed to have her husband, father, brother and father in law standing with her and showing they always got her back.


The mum’s were not left out, they looked so lovely too.


Like father like daughter, Audrey’s dad has a great sense of humor and he has a good heart from our few interactions.


Some sibling love from Audrey’s brother, Papa


Look at us looking aaaww so lovely.

This baby’s shoes were too cute not to capture them chilling by the poolside.


A bit more from the ladies… walking together in this journey of life


We can’t wait to meet you , some love from mummy and daddy to be.








It’s a wrap from NjeReeM Photography….Till next time

Live, Love, Laugh


Baby Bump Shoot In The Wild, The Beauty of Bringing life Into The World

“Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.”
Elizabeth Stone

Photographer: Njeri Mbure

Director: Morgan Ngumbi

Location: Somewhere in Machakos County

Yeah!! It’s the month of love and for some reason or two  this year love just keeps following us around. We at NjeRee M. are really excited to bring you this beautiful story.

Debz 7.jpg

Debz is a good friend of our family and the opportunity to do her baby bump shoot was awesome. Initially we were to do an arboretum shoot but Debz had a different idea.



A baby bump shoot in the wild!! We accepted the challenge and headed out in search of a wild location.LOL. Debz and her hubby Jones are such a fun couple to be around, which made the shoot more easier despite the hot sun.  Her make up done by Sonia, was on fleek and she looked so gorgeous.

Debz 2.jpg

We cannot emphasize how much fun, we had doing this shoot.Enjoy the pics…

Debz 10.jpgDebz 5.jpg

Debz 12.jpg

Debz 14.jpg

Debz 16.jpgDebz 17.jpgDebz 18.jpgDebz21-2.jpg


Debz 30.jpgDebz 39.jpg

Debz 79.jpg

Debz 78.jpgDebz 74.jpg

Debz 75.jpg


Debz 47.jpg

Debz 51.jpg

Debz 55.jpg

Debz 65.jpgDebz 62.jpgdebz-63

Debz 69.jpg

Debz 91.jpg

After a sunny and dusty  afternoon literally…. we had so much fun and again grateful to cover such awesome milestones for the Jones’.

Debz 84.jpg
We needed evidence that rain needs to come ASAP. It was all worth it

We wish this awesome couple nothing but love and a safe delivery.

Debz 83.jpgDebz 80.jpg

With Love

NJeReeM Photography Team

Happy Month of Love…please spread the love

Love is Patient… The Story of Joash and Grace

Joash 24.jpgWhen I think of Grace and Joash, I always remember Maya Angelou’s famous quote that, “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

I met Joash virtually and if you know the story of Joash and Gracey as we call her, you shall know that he can communicate consistently. We were both in the states and we kept planning to meet and for some reason, something always came up and we never got a chance to meet, since we were in different states. So in 2015 we both moved back home from the USA.


Joash is the humble guy behind NxT LvL , a multimedia company he started a few years back. He is really good at what he does as seen from his ring shots, despite it being his wedding, he still had to work…

kindly check out his work here:

I had admired his work for a while,  but as for my photography journey… well lets say… it was  slowly getting there and Joash agreed to get me on board of his team. I was so excited that someone who did not know me gave me an opportunity to get better at photography and video.


To be honest working with NxT LvL has been more than a blessing, one and a half years down the line, I am still a part of his great team for the opportunities that come our way and yes I have gotten better, and for Joash to give me the opportunity to shoot his wedding was such an a honor most importantly I have made friends who will last a lifetime…back to the wedding

Joash 4.jpg
Patricia, one of Gracey’s bridesmaids did such a wonderful job on her hair

A bit of background… Joash and Grace were in a long distance relationship for four years and not only does this story leave me in awe in this day where relationships do not last, but it reminds me of what two people who are committed and are guided by God can achieve. They knew what they wanted and they waited for each other.

So after waiting for forever their big day was here and we couldn’t wait.

Joash 2.jpg

The excitement was real and we started off the day quite early.I would love to share all the pics but I will share just some to give a sneak peek of what an amazing day it was.

Bubbles of @Lankara Brides came early and did such a great job on the girls and Gracey.


Joash 7.jpg

The venue was at Sportsview Kasarani for both the church ceremony and the reception. Though it was my first time to be there, it is an absolutely lovely location.

I have to say Patricia did such a great job on the hair

As Gracey and the ladies were getting glammed up, Joash and his entourage were gearing up for the great day ahead. My colleague for the day Rose Brian of Royal Frames captured some great shots from the grooms end.

Finally Gracey was done and it was time to take her to meet her knight in shinning armor and what better way than to ride this beautiful beast. But before that a few shots with her really cool mother…joash-8

Joash 44.jpg

Joash and his groomsmen looked dapper, as they patiently waited for the ceremony to start.

Joash 1.jpg
Photo courtesy of Rose Brian  (Royal Frames Photography)

The ceremony was splendid and was so colorful

Joash 11.jpg
Joash’s friend Kambua was present and blessed us with her amazing talent
Dan and Loreen looking stunning

The moment we had all been waiting for was finally here and Mr and Mrs. Oloo made a covenant before God and man to love each other until the end of times.


Their kiss was so sincere and trust me the love was felt all around


Our photo session was fun and more fun and we couldn’t go before the couple gave us another kiss..too much love was in the air , and that my friend is how you begin 2017


With the ceremony out of the way, in a nice way, we needed to capture some long lasting shots before all the dancing and dinning

Joash 21.jpg

The Bridal party was lit and their outfits were absolutely gorgeous. Their colors were bright and beautiful.

Joash 19.jpg

Singing along to…”I’m a classic man”
Joash 32.jpg
The joy unspeakable…
Joash 22.jpg
We had a great director for this idea..His and Hers
Joash 34.jpg
Forever is what lies ahead
Joash 40.jpg
The Couple’s Best Couple Mr and Mrs. Okore

Joash 36.jpg

Joash 31.jpgjoash-37

Joash 25.jpg


Wishing these two amazing love birds a blessed marriage.

Turkish Delight- A sneak peek of Istanbul through NjeReemphotography

This post is dedicated to an amazing friend and brother, Kevin “Young” Ndoria who with an awesome heart dropped me off at the airport as I headed out to Turkey in July, and also was so gracious as to pick me up from the airport. Though he is gone his memory lives with us forever.kemosabe-1-1-of-1

In 2016, UNESCO held it’s annual World Heritage Committee in Istanbul , Turkey.Fortunately as the Kenyan heritage ambassador of the African World Heritage Youth Forum, I attended to present to the African Minister’s Round table the results of the African Youth Declaration on Heritage.

With Ministers and UNESCO officials.

This for me was such a humbling experience, and most importantly learning so much about how UNESCO works and how World Heritage Sites are inscribed and so much more.


One of my favorite hobbies is that I love travel photography and more so because I love capturing places for other people who have never been there to have an idea of what the place looks like, I am also very curious on how it looks on the other side so I was able to sneak in a quick visit to see some of Istanbul’s awesome tourist attractions.

The street close to our hotel at around 7pm.

One of the things that I noticed in Turkey is that they are not very warm , it could be due to the language barrier, but this made it particularly hard to get around and also to know where to get anything.

Istanbul reminds me a bit of New York, yellow cabs and all

I booked that tour by faith, I was not sure if they got my email, but hey guess what they did. The half day tour included being picked up from the hotel and drop off , some drama all for 35 Euros.turkey-17-1-of-1

On of the places you see is the Vodafone Arena also known as Besiktas , for football lovers, they seemed to know the stadium but here I was so clueless but I was glad to have seen it.


We headed forth and again one of the beautiful sites you see as you move along is the Blue Mosque. The blue mosque is quite beautiful and that’s all the info I got.


One of the things that really made me happy was how beautiful Istanbul is and the Bosphorus River makes it even more beautiful, a great mix of good architecture and water, recipe for beauty right there.

There is a lot of history about the blue mosque, and the info can be found online. As you enter the mosque there is sign that clearly states the dress code. I had to borrow the attire but enjoyed it, the smile tells it all.


The inside is quite beautiful and the pictures speak moreturkey-31-1-of-1turkey-27-1-of-1turkey-30-1-of-1

I am not sure why we did not stay longer… I am here thinking maybe more pics of the Mosque are in my phone.

turkey-32-1-of-1As we left I saw this corn cart, which is quite common in Istanbul and to let you know it is absolutely yummy. Me and my friend Hellen Gichuhi from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can testify from our walks to our hotel, corn was a much needed friend.

Hellen Gichuhi from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kenya

From the blue Mosque, the Hagia Sofia, also a tourist attraction is not far. It used to be an Orthodox Basilica but was later converted into an Ottoman mosque, and now a museum.What astounded me was how beautiful the Blue Mosque looked like from outside, very beautiful.


Blue Mosque

Moving on to Ayasofya as the Turkish call it, also a beautiful site to behold.The pics tell it all.


Ayasofya from outside


Inside of Hagia Sophia


The following pics continue to showcase more of Istanbul. Enjoy!!turkey-35-1-of-1turkey-34-1-of-1turkey-36-1-of-1turkey-23-1-of-1turkey-22-1-of-1



View from The Hilton Bosphorus

I was happy to be going back after a week of being in Istanbul, I luckily made it out before the coup that was held that same night, I left. The traffic to the airport was crazy, but gave me to get some last shots of Istanbul.


Film for Good Workshop- Glad to have been part of It!


During the Summer of 2016, faculty from Loyola University Chicago are partnering with Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Tangaza University College and St. Aloysius Gongaza Secondary School to teach a filmmaking workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. The workshop will give a group of young media makers from Nairobi experience in working as part of a production team, producing […]

via FDM Kenya —

Cape Town, The 7th World Wonder and a Few Hours of awesome sauce

When I was selected as the only Kenyan participant to the first Anglophone African World Heritage Youth Forum in South Africa, I was ecstatic. My dream of visiting South Africa came true and more so for a worthy cause, that included the forum’s  agenda on how the African youth can be more involved in the promotion and conservation of Heritage in our countries. (Blog on AWHYF 2016 coming up soon)

The smile told it all, AWHYF was such a fulfilling experience

Towards the end of our stay, we were treated to a tour of the City of Cape Town, all this was made possible, thanks to the City of Cape Town, The Hop On – Hop Off Bus Tour Company and the Table Mountain.

Cape Town 56 (1 of 1).jpg

I have to say that Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in Africa, If you have ever been to the US, you can quickly point out that it looks like a mix of Beverly Hills in California, thanks to Camps Bay or even Providence, Rhode Island but I mean, it still remains  the breath taking Cape Town, a city I would love to visit over and over again.

Our day began with a boat ride from where we were staying, ROBBEN ISLAND…Yes we were staying on Robben Island, the benefits of being a heritage ambassador representing your country… You get to stay on one of the most popular World Heritage Site.

Early mornings give you such a good view of the dawn and from the looks of things it was going to be a sunny beautiful day.

Cape Town 73 (1 of 1)
L to R- with my Fellow delegates Wilson (Zambia) Rabo (South Africa) Asser (Namibia) and Saminas (Ethiopia)

Cape Town 74 (1 of 1)

I have seen so many sight seeing buses but have never been on one, so it was such a pleasure to go on the double decker bus to see what Cape Town had to offer.

The tour starts from the waterfront which is very close to Nelson Mandela Gateway and before I even continue one of the things you start seeing as you approach the harbor ,is the beautiful landscape that is seen from the boat ride.

Cape Town 1 (1 of 1)Cape Town 2 (1 of 1)

One of the things that strike you as you go through the city tour is the unique architecture and how clean the city is, please go ahead and feast your eyes.

Cape Town 12 (1 of 1)

Cape Town 5 (1 of 1)

Cape Town 6 (1 of 1)Cape Town 7 (1 of 1)

Cape Town 10 (1 of 1)Cape Town 9 (1 of 1)

Cape Town 19 (1 of 1)Cape Town 21 (1 of 1)

Cape Town 11 (1 of 1)
My beautiful friend from Malawi Vanessa Nsona smiling the tour away

I think one of the most exciting part of the tour was the fact that our trip was heading to Table Mountain. Table Mountain is the 7th World wonder of Nature and the only world wonder of nature that exists in Africa.

Cape Town 22 (1 of 1).jpg
You can see Table Mountain from Cape Town and the table cloth (the cloud)

Table mountain is very visible, from Capetown and vice versa, Cape Town has a very beautiful view from the mountain.

Cape Town 32 (1 of 1).jpg

One of the things that struck my eyes was a park that reminded me of Boston Common. 

It was very beautiful and how I wish I got to know the name of that park, but seeing that I will be back to Cape Town hopefully soon. I will go for a picnic and enjoy the serenity …

Cape Town 25 (1 of 1)Cape Town 26 (1 of 1)Cape Town 27 (1 of 1)

As we approached Table Mountain, you could see the cable cars and for me the idea of going on a cable car, well another bucket list item down.

Cape Town 50 (1 of 1)

Cape Town 46 (1 of 1)
The view of Cape Town from the road that leads to Table Mountain

When you finally get on top of Table Mountain, its such an amazing experience and as mentioned earlier the view of Cape Town is out of this world.

Cape Town 57 (1 of 1)Cape Town 58 (1 of 1)

Cape Town 60 (1 of 1)
We could see our home Robben Island from the top

Cape Town 55 (1 of 1)

We then left Table Mountain to head back to down town but we took another route which included the coastal side of Cape town, Camps Bay

Cape Town 61 (1 of 1)Cape Town 62 (1 of 1)Cape Town 63 (1 of 1)Cape Town 64 (1 of 1)Cape Town 65 (1 of 1)Cape Town 66 (1 of 1)Cape Town 67 (1 of 1)

As we headed back to the waterfront, we were also able to see just before you get to the waterfront,a sign to the Springbok Rugby Museum and also one for the Two Oceans Aquarium and the Ferris wheel that allows you to get a 360 degree view of Cape Town.

Cape Town 68 (1 of 1)Cape Town 69 (1 of 1)Cape Town 70 (1 of 1)

Cape Town 72 (1 of 1).jpg

It was so awesome to tour Cape Town for those few hours and to also see so much within such a short period. Many thanks to the African World Heritage Fund, The Government of South Africa and the Hop On- Hop Off tour bus company and to the team at Table Mountain and most importantly to Robben Island Heritage site for being such a gracious host.


I met Johnny while working in the media industry, 6 years ago and even though I cant remember how our friendship started, I remember it being one of those friendships that will last forever. How excited was I when I knew that he and my other beautiful friend Trizah were an item…stars aligned. Fast forward to January 2016 and this wonderful friends of ours are expecting their second born and yaaaay!!!


Me and mine had the pleasure of doing their baby bump shoot. We were tight on time , thus we decided to do it at our favorite tea location, not sure of how it would turn out. We were skeptical because the tea plantations would outdo the couple but we think they won, they outdid the tea…(sips tea)bb1.jpg  Our shoot being in the evening, we spotted some kids going home from school they were quite curious as we randomly decided to shoot below a tea picking area but the background was so breath

Trizah is very beautiful, which is quite evident.


These two are just adorable bb4.jpg

The kids could not resist watching us do the shoot…..



Some tea for valentine?…


We told you the view was simply breath taking….or maybe it’s just me and mine that are in love with tea plantations…( a soap opera idea brewing )


Johnny is quite the character. he helped his wife up the plantation for a selfie….yes selfies are an addiction, and I admit I am an addict.bb11.jpg


“Nothing in this world compares to the comfort and security of having someone just hold your hand.”(Hold my hand jam comes to mind….)


When we moved to our second location, Trizah was reminded of the perks of being a mother, this younglin’ for no reason asked for a piggy back ride from the mum (she was probably 13 years)


Aaaaww since Trizah couldn’t bend down to tie her shoes, hubby did it gladly.Old age is catching up quickly and Trizah had to help Johnny back up on his feet. Guess it was payback…

We were hoping the baby clothes would dry up quickly and we could move on to the next scene…



These two are really a fun couple and as we shot by the roadside, a driver decided to stare at us but his eyes were off the road and we captured Trizah and Johnny as they tried to warn the driver of the oncoming car.bb27.jpg

We attracted all kinds of attention and another group of kids came from school, they decided to stay and watch the photo shoot, it was quite funny as they commented throughout…. future directors in the making.bb31.jpg

But they stayed for too long and almost forgot that going home was a priority and we had to chase them by threatening to take pics and take to their school


No bias on the part that we are the god parents to the beautiful baby girl, but these two look really good together…bb43.jpg

The beauty of shooting in the country side is you see all sorts of beautiful things including some sheep that was heading home from grazing

Oh! the joy and serenity of being a mother..bringing life into the world….



The love could be felt in volumes…



A kiss from daddy to mum to daughter…generational love


If you were wondering where we were? Look no further, Eden Tea farm in Limuru gave us a good location for the shoot. God’s nature was present.


God cannot give us what we cannot handle…. Johnny enjoyed carrying his “fundamentals”bb61.jpg

As it got cold, it was time to wrap up and also have the Mrs wrapped up in love and some joy…

These kids were watching as we left and we were reminded to always give thanks for what we have, so many people have less…


This was one of our last shots, we saw a great spot and as late as it was getting we just had to.

It was fun shooting these two and we can’t wait to meet their bundle of joy, our God daughter Whitney.